Tiramisu trifle

My new recipe for this weekend was Tiramisu Trifle from a BBC Good Food book. Things I learnt while making this recipe:

  1. Mascarpone mixed with custard tastes really good.
  2. Sponge fingers soak up liquid a lot quicker than you would think. I put about 8 in the coffee/amaretto at the same time and by the time I got to lifting the last one out it was totally soggy.
  3. Amaretto is pretty strong, especially when disguised by other tastes.

Anyway, it turned out pretty well – at least, I enjoyed it and my parents seemed to. Nick wasn’t so keen though!

Tiramisu trifle
500g mascarpone mixed with 500g fresh custard
90g chopped dark chocolate
175g sponge fingers
175ml amaretto mixed with 300ml strong black coffee
Mixed nuts and/or cocoa powder

  1. Dip one third of the sponge fingers into the coffee mixture one by one, and lay them in a trifle dish. They should be soft but not soggy (leave a bit of bite in them).
  2. Top with one third of the mascarpone mixture and one third of the chocolate.
  3. Repeat twice to use up all the ingredients.
  4. Top with mixed nuts and/or a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

Takes about 15 minutes, tastes great.