18 weeks down, 22 to go

This week started off really well. Baby has been wriggling loads. He or she seems to especially enjoy going on public transport. We took the train to Reading and he or she was having a little dance party in there! We also went swimming on Monday which is a really nice way to relax and get a bit of exercise. 

The not so great part of the week was being admitted to hospital on Tuesday evening. It seems I caught a bad stomach bug which manifested itself as more-or-less constant vomiting from Tuesday afternoon onwards and eventually led to us heading down to A&E, where I was assessed as dehydrated and put on a saline drip overnight. Apparently the baby is like a little parasite, taking all it needs and, since I had no food or fluid left in me, leaving me with nothing. In the end I was discharged about 18 hours after the sickness started. It was a bit of an ordeal but I was very well looked after. The worst part of all (apart from having to have an anti-sickness injection in my bottom) was being separated from Nick but he was amazing and came back early the next morning to be with me. He’s so lovely.
This week the baby is the size of a sweet potato! Our sweet potato baby.