29 weeks down, 11 to go

I am back after a brief hiatus caused by a busy couple of weeks at work followed by a week-long holiday in Cornwall, where the sun shone and the sea was a chilly 13 degrees.

I am now well and truly in the third trimester, and have the symptoms to go along with it: sore hips, aching back, and having to get up to pee every single night. That ‘heavily pregnant’ feeling which was eluding me four weeks ago: definitely here now.

I also have an overwhelming sense of love and attachment to my baby, which is strange since I have never even seen her. I honestly can’t believe how much I love her.

We had a scan this week to check baby’s growth, and happily she is a perfectly normal size.

I now have only 37 days left at work. What a relief it will be to be able to rest at home for a few days before the birth. I hope baby will allow me to do that and not come early!

In other news, our pushchair has arrived and is set up ready for its cargo. We will choose a cot at some point in the next few weeks. Major DIY will happen in baby’s room and a few other jobs around the house too. And then, one day, we will transition from having no baby, to having a baby!