31 weeks down, 9 to go

The number of weeks left has now reached single figures. I can hardly believe it! After the first three interminable months when I felt that I would be pregnant forever and would never not feel sick again, the last 18 weeks have gone incredibly quickly. We’re so excited about meeting our baby! Our house is almost ready – currently looking like a disaster zone but soon to be transformed into a lovely haven once all the renovation works are done. I’m almost ready too. I won’t say I’m thrilled about the prospect of labour and delivery, but having been to a few classes I feel I understand it more, and am prepared for it being gruelling and hard, but wonderful when it’s over.

This week, baby is still in the transverse position, so hopefully she will turn round soon, especially as my tummy is feeling quite tight now with a hard bulge on each side! Apparently doing yoga in the all-fours position will give her room to turn. Baby is healthy with a good heartbeat, and I’m healthy too, though pregnancy insomnia has really kicked in, partially because of aches and pains and partially because I can’t stop thinking about the baby and my nesting impulse is irresistibly strong. It’s currently the middle of the night and I’ve just been googling about car seats and how to use them safely, and about car seat covers so my little one will be comfortable. It’s an obsession.

(Written from my lounge computer, surrounded by shoes, decorating equipment and packets of food, which are temporarily displaced from their home under the stairs.)