Meal planning extravaganza

Since Sophie came into our lives, time has been at a premium. A couple of extra hours each day would be very handy, assuming they were baby-free and I could use them to get things done. My previous self, Miss Organised, has been replaced by Miss Rushed.

So, all guns blazing, I’ve been tackling the planning for the one thing that must happen each day and can’t really be postponed: food. I’m not really one for cooking huge batches of things and then just taking a pot out of the freezer for dinner. I like the daily creativity of the kitchen. I also want to make sure that the three of us have a balanced diet, especially since we now have a little one’s health to take into account.

My approach was simple. I did a big brainstorm of the meals that we cook regularly and enjoy eating, in categories such as chicken, meat, veggie, pasta and so on. The idea is that I’ll be able to look at my brainstorm and be inspired to plan a variety of dishes for the week. From there I can write a shopping list, do an online order, get it delivered and cook away. In fact, the shopping list can be reused if I ever repeat a week – what a plan!

Let’s see how it goes. I’ll try to post a ‘what’s cooking’ each week. This week’s coming up…