A (half) marathon effort

Hi everyone!

It’s breezy and blustery here today and it feels as if autumn is finally getting going. Quite a change from the weekend just gone, when we were on the beach in sunny Bournemouth! After months of training, half marathon day had arrived! The many, many runs that had taken place over the summer finally paid off for both me and my dad. We both finished, we were both very happy with our times, and we both had sore legs the day after! Actually, today is the first day that I can walk up and down stairs normally again!

It was a brilliant day. Two non-sporty people running 13.1 miles in less than 2.5 hours! I was so proud of both of us!

I couldn’t have done this run without Nick’s amazing support in staying at home while I went running three times a week. In the end, he says he’s been inspired and wants to do something similar. A marathon maybe?!

Here are some photos of the day!

All smiles before…
and after!