Great British Bake Off 2013

Well, everyone, the Bake Off is over, for this year at least. What fun! It’s been a source of escapism, frustration and inspiration for me and, judging by the online furore, for lots of others as well.

The final, alas, was sadly disappointing. I felt that none of the three bakers really shone as the clear winner. Frances’s wedding cake was beautiful, but her pretzels were disastrous. Ruby’s pie was a clear favourite, but her wedding cake wasn’t finished. Kimberley’s pretzels were good, but her wedding cake looked a mess. Not that I can really judge – I certainly wouldn’t be able to produce a three-tier wedding cake in only six hours!

What I love about the Bake Off is that it takes something so simple that so many people do and makes it into a form of light-hearted yet competitive entertainment for the masses. I don’t think many TV shows achieve that. Everyone knows it’s a bit of fun, but everyone takes it so seriously! Is it a British thing to do that? Oh and I love Mel and Sue. Whoever got them on board as the hosts was a genius.

The bakers had to tackle so many different types of baking, some of which I’ve never even contemplated. Bread and cakes were only the beginning – there were biscuits, meringues, pies, and patisseries too. It’s inspired me, though. I may well be getting my bake on in the coming weeks. Although now I’m not running any more (too cold and dark now that the clocks have gone back, boo), I can’t exactly excuse myself for eating all the pies. Ahem.

A bientot!

Laura x