D is for Decorations

Our Christmas tree is up! I’m super excited about this, as it is our first Christmas tree in six years of marriage (how my husband managed to deter me this long is a mystery to me).

Looking pretty awesome
Cute woodland/outdoors theme


We’ve opted for a ‘living’ Christmas tree, with roots, in a pot (£30 from Homebase for a tree about 1 metre tall). I stuck the pot in a bucket and wrapped it with some red gingham fabric and a white ribbon. It looked pretty cute just as it was, but then I got so excited about putting up all the tree decorations, so I went a bit mad and covered nearly every branch!

I had so much fun shopping for decorations. The wooden hearts came from Marks and Spencer (£3 each, in 3-for-2 offer). The sparkly snowflakes are from Primark (£2 for nine – my favourite bargain!). The snowflake garland came from Dunelm (£4.99) The red painted heart you can see in the main photo is part of a set of three from Poundland. The star at the top is from Hobbycraft (£4).

Candles in the snow

These candles are just tea lights and holders from Ikea, with epsom salts as the snow!

I love decorating the house for Christmas. It just looks so festive and it’s wonderful bringing the outdoors inside.

Did I mention how excited I am?!

Laura x