U is for Undeserved

Hello again everyone!

Today, I’m writing on the theme ‘Undeserved’.

U was another tricky letter, but in the end I’m pretty pleased I get to talk about this theme!

Before Christmas, we hear so often the idea that children have to be good or ‘Santa’ won’t bring them any presents on Christmas Day. There’s even a (slightly creepy) song about it: ‘He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good…’ etc.

The essence of Christianity is the polar opposite to this. Jesus came to the world because humankind turned away from God and had no hope – none whatsoever – of returning to Him. We could not become good enough, and we were not worthy of God’s love. But love us He did, and in his grace gave us a truly undeserved and wonderful gift: new life, because Jesus took our sins and overcame death for us.

We give and receive many gifts at this time of year. When we give, we do it because we love the person we are giving to, not because they ‘deserve’ a gift. It is the same with God: He gives because He loves.

It is up to us whether to accept the gift.

Laura x