September is here!

It’s September! Autumn is here! I’m feeling a bit sad today that over the summer we didn’t get the paddling pool out as many times as if hoped, nor did we make much of an effort with our veg patch, nor go on many days out as a family. Life felt busy, and in retrospect we did do those things, but it just went so quickly! Our babies will be a year older next summer, so it’ll be easier to do all those things, and I think we’ve also learnt again the importance of protecting precious family time. Too often at the end of our weekends we feel we have barely been all together and barely enjoyed each other’s company. This is our family, this is our first church, so we need to make sure we’re building it well.

This autumn, my little big girl starts preschool. It’s the beginning of the long process of letting her go. While I’m looking forward to new one-on-one time with Matthew, I’m sad about Sophie not being under my care all the time anymore. These years are so short. Already she is starting to go. I am so thankful that I’ve had the awesome privilege of being with her almost every day of her life. What a gift. I’m already looking forward to half term!