A weekend at home

Sometimes, it’s nice to just have a weekend at home. I am always running a big list of things to do around the house, and it’s often hard to find time to do them. You know the kind of thing I mean: admin jobs, things to make, odd jobs around the house, projects requiring a block of time rather than snatched moments here and there.

This weekend, we (mostly) stayed home. It was wonderful. Nick played with the children while I gardened, cleaned, ticked a couple of big projects off my list, and made jam. Sophie and I picked our tomato harvest in the garden. We went to The Mall to scout out my 30th birthday present (I will be posting about that soon!), and while we were there had a lovely lunch at Wagamama. The children were so smiley and happy the whole time (with the exception of some teething- and/or cold-related meltdowns from Matthew, and a grazed-knee incident from Sophie). I didn’t make it through all the things I had hoped to do, but I can genuinely say that, after a hectic few months, this weekend there was nothing better than staying home and getting things done!