Hands-free mama?

I once saw a video on YouTube which bemoaned the pervasiveness of smartphones. There are many such videos and articles around. As a mum who has a smartphone, I have given this issue some thought. My view has shifted this way and that. Sometimes, I think I should ditch my phone so I can devote the time and energy which I spend looking at it to my children instead. I feel guilty that I don’t give every waking second of every day to their welfare and entertainment, and that sometimes I choose to check emails, look at Facebook, or buy something online. I read an article this week about a parent whose child died in an accident while they were distracted looking at their phone. So sad. I definitely don’t want my phone to take me away from enjoying my little ones growing up, or to become an addiction that stops me doing my job as a mum properly.

However, at the park today, as I was pushing my two IMG_4765little cherubs on the swings for about the millionth time this week, with no other parents around to talk to, I was struck by how often my phone has been a little glimmer of sunshine in an otherwise dreary day. The thing is, being a full-time parent can be boring. And lonely. Some days, I have no adult conversation whatsoever. So my phone lets me take a moment to look away from the tedium, to clear my head of whatever tantrum has just happened or how many toys there are to pick up, and to get refreshed. I get a glimpse of the outside world. And I pick up where I left off with my children with a renewed sense of clarity.

So, I’m thankful for my smartphone. It is not only a useful tool but also brings a ray of sanity in my day. (And I can also use it to take super-cute photos of my two beautiful babies 🙂 ).