What’s Cooking This Week #10

I’m doing this from memory, because I threw away the piece of paper which had my meal plan on it. We are working on emptying our cupboards and freezer, and we are nearly there. We’re starting to really scrape the barrel now. We might be eating some very strange things in the near future.

Here’s what was cooking this week:

  • Monday: Er, I can’t remember!
  • Tuesday: Rotisserie-style chicken in the slow cooker
  • Wednesday: Chicken, vegetable and noodle stir-fry (using leftover chicken)
  • Thursday: Chicken burritos (using leftover chicken – that chicken went a long way!)
  • Friday: Baked salmon pasta with green beans
  • Saturday: Pick-and-mix from the supermarket as we were out all day
  • Sunday: Char siu pork with rice, roast carrots, and steamed vegetables