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Other than the Suspension Bridge, Balloon Fiesta, and being a hub for the 19th-century slave trade, what is Bristol famous for? Food. Glorious food.

I love food, and I am truly happy to be living in a city renowned for it. However, since moving here a year ago with two small children and a husband with a busy-busy life as a junior academic, our opportunities for exploring Bristol’s food scene have been, sadly, somewhat limited.

We don’t eat out that often, as I mentioned in my post about tips for family life on a single income. Over the years I have also become increasingly fussy about eating out. As a student, a £5 deal in a noodle bar was perfectly acceptable; now, not so much. When I went to university I could barely cook at all, whereas now I’m pretty adventurous and adept in the kitchen. If I go out for a meal and leave thinking, ‘I could have made this at home’, I feel disappointed. (This doesn’t apply to quick dinners out with the kids in tow. In those circumstances, anything will do as long as it’s not overpriced, reasonably healthy, and no-one tuts at my children.)

The upshot of this is that chain restaurants are normally a no-go except when looking for a quick fix meal for us and the kids. For meals out with just me and Nick (this happens once in a blue moon, I might add), it has to be something a bit different, quirky, special, or just amazingly well cooked. So I’ve always got my ear to the ground for places we could explore and try out. And I’ve come up with a little shortlist.

The Eateries Shortlist

  • Venue 35 – Local to us and rumoured to be kid-friendly and not overpriced.
  • The White Lion – pub in Westbury-on-Trym, apparently does really good Sunday lunches.
  • Bishopston Supper Club – Supper clubs have been springing up all over, which I think is lovely and really exciting. I would love to go and have dinner with a bunch of total strangers. I love meeting new people and hearing about their lives. Bishopston Supper Club meets monthly and at the earliest opportunity (i.e. babysitters in place, funds available, and children not in a screamy stage), we will go!
  • Casa Mia – Westbury-on-Trym’s own Michelin-starred restaurant. Sadly one of the co-owners recently died after battling cancer, and there is an impending move to the city centre too, so I’m not sure whether this one will happen. Not to mention the cost. £££.
  • Spitfire – basically it’s all about the meat. Husband will love this one.
  • Prego / Manna – Sister restaurants serving pizza and tapas respectively.
  • Nomu – Japanese food. Need I say more?
  • The Cowshed – Again, loads of meat. Meat.
  • The Ox – Meat. Meat. Meat.
  • Wahaca – Mexican – the trouble is that we have been spoilt for Mexican by the cheap but delicious burritos at The Mission.
  • The Lido – Husband has been there already. No fair.
  • Rosemarino – Italian, maybe better than Zizzi’s?

I’m all ears for other suggestions!


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  1. Other suggestions provided by my wannabe-Bristolian friend AP: The Runcible Spoon, The Bristolian, The Canteen (‘people watching is tremendous’), Katy and Kim’s Kitchen.


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