Life in Pictures: Japan


Best. Holiday. Ever.

An old friend. A mascot. A visit to Kamakura. Temples. Hydrangeas. Totoros. Sushi. A great big Buddha. A paddle in the sea. (That was just Day 1.)

Exploring our local Kyoto neighbourhood. Sun. Ice cream. Rain. The otherworldly beauty of Arashiyama bamboo grove. A day trip to Nara.

One mum and two kids on the loose in Kyoto, including Ginkaku-ji, a cameo from Hello Kitty (and papa), Totoro leaves, a selfie-hating toddler, the municipal park, Nanzen-ji, matcha frappuccino, a robot, and umbrellas.

Riding many different modes of transport on a hot day in Hakone. Ice creams essential! No views of Fuji due to cloud cover.

Izu Peninsula.  A train journey with a view. Sand. The sea, the sea. A historic hotel in Ito. Barrel racing. (Who knew?)

Tokyo. Skytree by day. Skytree by night. Nightscape from Solamachi Tower. Biking around Tokyo with Antonia. Hamarikyu garden. City skyline. Hello Kitty cafe. Tokyo beach. Totoros. Shibuya. Senso-ji. More Totoros.

When can we go back?