Museums and Galleries with little ones

I loved this post from the lovely Liubov about enjoying galleries and museums with little ones. Thank you Liubov for these excellent tips. I wholeheartedly agree about starting them young – and feel sad when I hear people saying their children are ‘too young’ and ‘won’t enjoy it’! It’s precisely because they are young that you should start taking them! Museums and galleries are perfect places for just wandering around, having a look, and enjoying something outside of the everyday. Museums are so interesting to children, just as everything else is interesting to them (the inside of the kitchen cupboard, a piece of moss on the patio, a burst balloon…). In fact, the part of museums that I enjoy least is always the ‘children’s section’, with toys and dress ups and other trivialities – because I think there is so much wonder to be had in the museum itself, why do we need to dumb it down to the level of ‘entertainment’, for fear our children will get bored? In our family, we love museums for their collections of random objects that we don’t encounter in the day-to-day, because they are a springboard for the imagination.


Happy New Year!

Many of us are making resolutions and hoping to try new things as we plan for 2018. One thing I was reflecting on as I looked back on last term was that museum trips and art exhibitions were real highlights in our homeschooling life. The children love being out and about exploring. So much history and art was brought to life as we saw an Egyptian mummy or a Fra Angelico painting up close, and so I’m intending to go more often this year.


Museums are one of the main reasons why we love living in central Oxford. We have an amazing variety within a 10 minute walk, from the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  It is a real privilege.

But museums and art galleries can be intimidating places with little ones in tow, especially as I…

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