I’m Laura, wife to Nick (a university lecturer), and homeschooling mum of two young children. We live in Bristol, United Kingdom.

My story… is that I’m just ordinary.

Honestly, nothing here is perfect. I’m just writing about what’s on my mind and what’s on my heart and what’s on my table for supper.

This is a space for thinking out loud and sharing life’s joys.

I blog about life, homeschooling, baking, parenting, Christianity, books, and anything that takes my fancy or occupies my thoughts.

In our home, we love God – Father, Son, Spirit… a holy, awesome God: a Father who gives and sustains all life; a Son who’s the firstborn over and redeemer of all creation; a Spirit by whom we live and breathe in the now. We are a Christian family. We go to church. We read The Word. We try to live and to raise our children in line with God’s ways. We ask for forgiveness. We live on hope.

I also love baking, tea, exploring, cake, reading recipe books, planning, lists, wellies, cooking, walks, beaches, crochet, organising, and holidays. I look for beauty wherever it can be found. There are joys every day.

Whenever I have the time, I write.

Please do not use any content (including, but not limited to, images and text) from this site without permission.


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