30 for 30 – the end

The Wu family on tour – the highlight of our year, our trip to Japan

So, I’m now 31. My year of 30 goals is over. I loved having the list to remind me of a few of the things that were buzzing around my head as I turned 30. I had hoped to finish all the goals on the list, but time and money weren’t always in ready supply. I wonder if anyone actually ever finishes all their goals when they make these kinds of lists? Anyway, I’m happy with the goals I did accomplish.

I managed to complete 17 of my goals and left 13 undone. I think that’s quite good going. As I stated at the outset, most of my¬†goals are entirely frivolous. They pale in comparison to being kind, being hospitable, being godly, teaching my children, loving my husband, and trusting in Jesus every day. Oh, and keeping my floors clean ūüėČ But, as all those things are (hopefully) obvious, this list was just a bit of fun.

Here’s a recap!

completed goals

#1. Picnic at a park or beach. We had lots!

#2. Read a book. Yes!

#3. Blog more. I did blog more. I’d like to keep it going.

#4. Pray more. This only happened because I started getting up early every morning. Prayer is a good habit which has sadly never become ingrained in my life. I’d like it to, more and more.

#7. Make macarons.

#9. Swim in the sea.

#10. Exercise more. I signed up for a couch to 5K running course which lasted 8 weeks. 12 weeks after it started, I ran the Bristol 10K. Hoping to keep this up!

#11. Make someone a birthday cake. Matthew’s and Sophie’s.

#12. Go on a day trip to the seaside (Weston-super-Mare, anyone?). We did this! I actually took my children on a trip to the seaside at Weston-super-Mare, my home town! It was lots of fun.

#14. Buy new cushions for the lounge.

#18. Have a facial. Yes. Lovely.

#19. Do a 10K run. See #10 above.

#20. Take the children to the zoo. Many, many times.

#22. Invest in and use good face creams (I’m in my 30s now!). The time came when I had to present myself at the Clinique counter. My skin is thanking me.

#23. Go out for Japanese food.¬†Oh, this! This one was even better than I’d hoped or dreamed! We actually¬†went to Japan!

#26. Floss every day.¬†I feel a bit of a cheat saying I’ve done this one. In fact, I haven’t flossed 365 days this year. But I have flossed more this year than the rest of my life put together, I reckon.

#28. Go on a hot holiday.¬†Japan was hot. Not exactly what I’d intended when I wrote this (I was thinking white sands and a book in hand), but close enough!

Uncompleted Goals

Some of these were small but required time. Some were big and required money. I feel a bit sad that I didn’t do some of them (#8, 16, 25 should have been priorities) and I think some of them would have been very beneficial (I’m looking at you¬†#30) – but I can try to do some of¬†them next year!

#5. Do a jigsaw.

#6. Finish my jumper (that I started about four years ago!).

#8. Learn and perform a new piece.

#13. Sort photos into albums.

#15. Enter a baking competition (or run one?!).

#16. Host a dinner party.

#17. Do something different or dramatic with my hair.

#21. Sew a skirt or dress.

#24. Host Christmas.

#25. Start studying something.

#27. Do a hat making class/course.

#29. Spa day.

#30. Go on a weekend trip with Nick (Paris? Bruges? Bognor?).