Life in Pictures: Sophie is five!

Our beautiful daughter Sophie is five!

She is inquisitive, headstrong, creative, girly, determined, curious, sweet, sensitive, and generous.

She loves dresses, stories, craft, pink, flowers, cake, mud, princesses, decorations, shopping, Lego, baking, and questions.

She is amazing.

I am really loving this age because she’s so incredibly interesting and she’s learning all the time.

A couple of days before her birthday, we organised an ‘under the sea’ party which she shared with her brother. They both adored it.

We gave her a violin for her birthday and she has already told me she is going to be a ‘person who plays the violin’. So sweet.

We also took them both to an icecream parlour – a treat they always enjoy!

Happy birthday Sophie. Look how you’ve grown. We love you and we are looking forward to all the adventures to come. Five years old, our baby girl!


Life in Pictures: Matthew is three!

Our lovely boy Matthew is three!

Where have those three years gone? And how did he get so big?

He loved his birthday celebrations as he got to ride a bus into the city, where we visited the museum, and had a picnic in the park. He also loved his chocolate birthday cake!

Happy birthday Matthew. We love you and we are proud of you. You rock our world.

Life in Pictures: Sophie’s fourth birthday

Our precious daughter Sophie is four years old!

Four years ago, she burst into our lives in a hurry, changing everything for the better. I have never stopped being thankful that she made me a mum. She is a kind, bubbly, determined, and humorous little girl. She loves dresses, climbing, craft, princesses, chocolate, baking, and stories. She brings joy to our hearts.

Since about spring time, Sophie has been requesting a Frozen party. Hundreds of times. There was zero room for ambiguity. This little girl knew her own mind! So, we invited a few of her friends to our house for a Frozen-themed party with an ice-blue cake, ice-themed playdough, snowflakes to decorate, and Frozen-themed cupcake decorating. I didn’t want her party to be too overwhelming, so we kept it short and simple, and I think all the children really enjoyed it. We had a second celebration on her actual birthday, with most of our close family, at my parents’ house (thanks mum and dad for hosting a party even though you have no kitchen at the moment!) which was really special. I even managed to take selfies with all three of my grandparents, a pretty proud achievement! And, the bottom tier of the cake was repurposed for the event and survived the car journey (almost) intact!

The cake was a chocolate cake from Martha Collison’s book Twist (one of my new favourite baking books), decorated with ombre Swiss meringue buttercream ruffles in shades of blue. It was one of my more ambitious cake designs and I was quite pleased with how it turned out. Thankfully my mum was on hand to look after the children for a couple of hours so I could decorate it. Otherwise I’d have been up until midnight! I used the leftover buttercream to pipe two-tone rosettes on the vanilla cupcakes. Sophie and I also made blue and white coconut ice together. The food colouring I used was Sugarflair Ice Blue. Sophie loved licking out the bowls, – photo evidence below, along with lots of other pictures of the two parties! My sister Rachel will be especially pleased that she has made it onto my blog! Love you, Rachel!

Sophie, we love you and we are proud of the beautiful, kind, and inquisitive girl you are becoming. We thank God for you. Happy birthday.

Birthday season is almost over, just Nick’s to go at the end of September. Then autumn will be well and truly here. I’ve got a few baking projects planned, but I also plan to just relax a little, read some books, and enjoy the cosier evenings.

Laura xx