My plant wishlist

I love my garden. The trouble is, it doesn’t have that many plants in it at the moment. The previous owner let everything in the garden grow enormous and so when we decided to do something with the garden (which you can see in this slideshow) we had to get rid of most things. We were left with a few trees, four roses, an archway with honeysuckle and a few other climbers, and masses of Spanish bluebells, which apparently are considered a weed as they are so prolific. Anyway, I am hoping that over the coming months and years I will be able to add to the garden bit by bit, planting shrubs and bulbs that will make it cohesive and beautiful. So I decided to start a plant wishlist, so I can keep track of all the lovely things I’d like to see in my garden.

  • At least one peony bush
  • Cherry tree
  • Clematis Montana ‘Elizabeth’
  • A climbing rose on the shady wall next to the twisted hazel e.g. Rosa ‘Madame Alfred Carriere’
  • Hostas
  • Lots of tulips
  • Giant alliums 
  • Dicentra Spectabilis ‘Bleeding Heart’
  • Geraniums in pots
Seen at a National Trust plant shop:
  • Hosta ‘Sum and substance’ – £7.50 for a 3 litre pot
  • Hosta ‘Cherry berry’ – £7.50 for a 3 litre pot
  • Scilla ‘Peruvian’ – £6.50 for a 2 litre pot
I’ll keep adding to this as new ideas come into my head!